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How teamwork can help us all win in business

By Aaron Spak

It’s springtime, which means Little League season is underway around the country. In these games, youngsters are learning the power of teamwork. It’s consistently reinforced from the pregame warmup to the high-fives at the end of the game. They play their hearts out, but when they get stuck, they know where to look for help – because the coach will be there. At least among the Dads that I coach with, fundamentals and teamwork are the things we stress the most. At 7 and 8 years old, that’s what these kids need.

I had the pleasure of attending the annual awards ceremony for the Manufacturer’s Association of Southcentral PA, where one of KCF’s clients, Glatfelter Paper, was given the 2016 Manufacturing Innovator of the Year award. They received this award because of how effectively they have adopted new technologies to transition to a predictive maintenance strategy. Their success with SmartDiagnostics® has led them to instrument ALL critical machines in their facility.

What was most interesting was listening to their acceptance speech. To Glatfelter, at least as important as the technology is the teamwork associated with making it work successfully. They acknowledged that it was people that made it successful, and that partnering with others is critical to getting the results they wanted. That sums up the secret to success of any new technology or process implementation: you need to build a team around it, define success, measure your progress, and focus on long term improvement. That much everyone knows – the new piece is that teamwork often requires looking outside your company to partners who are dedicated to helping you reach your goals.

KCF’s most successful client relationships are based on mutual dedication to common goals: improving the efficiency of maintenance processes, avoiding waste, and solving the most challenging problems that affect the reliable operation of complex machinery. We’re proud to help Glatfelter achieve recognition for manufacturing innovation, and to be recognized as their partner in improving their maintenance program.

When you are evaluating partners for new technology or different processes, make sure you evaluate their track record of working with their clients through the whole journey. Just as in Little League, it’s teamwork that helps us win in business. Play ball!

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