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How to prepare your factory for the next wave of government regulations

Last week we wrote about the U.S. Department of Energy’s interest in improving the industrial world’s energy efficiency.

One of the regulations is likely to have a huge impact on your bottom line – requiring all pumps to operate at 75 percent efficiency when the average today is just 40 percent.

Seems unfair, doesn’t it? Well, not if you take a broad look at energy and where the majority of it is consumed.  Regardless of how one feels about climate change or government regulations, it’s hard to argue with the idea that using less energy to achieve the same results is a step in the right direction.

Fact:  Industry consumes about 2/3 of all energy. 
Fact: Pumps consume 25% of that pie.

I recently attended an energy conference and the keynote speaker, an executive from Siemens, put it best:  “Imagine if you were constantly driving your car with pedal to the metal, and the only way you could slow the car down was by simultaneously slamming on the brakes.  In the industrial world, that’s how a huge percentage of our pumps and motors still operate.  They’re constantly at full throttle [bad for energy efficiency], and it’s only by consuming additional energy that we can adjust the speed of the system.”

Yes, Variable Speed and Asset Management systems are making a difference but no factory has the budget or time to swap out EVERY old pump or motor with a newer, smarter one. 
So besides going completely off the grid what steps can you take today to prepare your factory for new efficiency regulations?

Get involved with the Hydraulic Institute – the best resource you’ve never heard of.  The Hydraulic Institute is the go-to authority on pumps. It develops comprehensive guidebooks and has taken a leading role in protecting the pump industry against unfair or inappropriate regulations.

Schedule a Pump System Audit with a living legend in the field. For more than 30 years WilliamLivoti has designed, tested and repaired seals, compressors and pumps. He is co-author of two books which are both worth picking up – “Pumps System Optimization Guide Lines” and “Power Plant Pump Application Guide Lines.” A visit from William will open your eyes to ways of getting your factory on the right track toward compliance.

What are other ways you are preparing your factory for ISO 50001? Share your thoughts with the community!

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