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Mike on Maintenance: Overgreasing Preventative Measures

We have talked in past blogs about preventative measures to avoid overgreasing.

Let’s take look at a few more preventative measures:

It has been estimated that 60% to 80% of bearing failures are caused by grease cross-contamination.

Grease Guns - Like I mentioned in the past, know what grease you are using. Traditional grease guns do not allow the operator to see what’s inside. Using clear grease guns lets you visually see the grease number on the cartridge to identify what type of grease you are using to help prevent cross-contamination. They come in a variety of colors when a secondary method of identification is required such as lubricant type.

Remember the 0.114 x D x B calculation to know how much grease needs to be added?

Once you have this calculation, use a grease gun that is calibrated, like 32 pumps = 1 oz.  Think of your clear tube/color coded grease gun as an innovative reliability tool. In the past I have used the clear tube/color coded grease guns as secondary method of identification.

Flow-Stop Grease Fitting - Stop grease flow to prevent over-lubrication and damage to bearing seals. These steel fittings positively shut off within the pressure ranges 5-20 PSI or 60-110 PSI. As the pressure drops below its closing pressure, the fitting reopens and grease flow can resume. Fittings have a 60° angle and a 1/8" PTF male pipe thread.

Pressure-Relief Vents - When pressure climbs into and beyond the selected fitting range, vents open to reduce pressure. They close as pressure drops within and below the pressure-relief range.

The Flow-Stop and Pressure-Relief Vents are relatively inexpensive, for a couple dollars you can outfit an electrical motor. These provide simple ways to prevent overgreasing of your machinery. If you think that a couple dollars per motor is expensive for these preventative measures, what do you think the next motor rebuild and labor costs will be without it?

These simple things prove to be valuable reliability tools that can save time and money.

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