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“The Most Dangerous Stairway I've Ever Climbed and Why it Never Needs to be Climbed Again”

Picture this past years’ Polar Vortex and the toll that it took on mankind as well as our world's creatures.  My respect for those that had to endure working in those conditions is immense.  Like all companies out there, I believe that safety is paramount for your valued employees and you must protect them.  That is why I enjoy my job as I have the chance to improve many working environments.

I recently had a great opportunity to work with a paper facility and coach them on how to improve some of their maintenance and reliability practices.  It entailed a memorable flight of stairs with over 260 steps that took me to the top of the kamyr digester tower.  Now please keep in mind that it was a sunny 70 degree day and I enjoyed every moment of the ascension into the sky.  But, it got me thinking,,,How many times this trip has been taken throughout the year?….and how many times in terrible conditions?

My point is that almost every plant employs a walk around PdM program that requires monthly or quarterly routes that put employees at risk of injuries when having to access remote or enclosed applications.  Why not completely eliminate that risk by greatly reducing the number of times that your team member is exposed to those unnecessary conditions?  That is exactly what we set out to accomplish by deploying a wireless vibration monitoring solution. 

It took a total of 40 minutes (including the hike up and back down the staircase) to accomplish the installation and have it immediately reporting quality data to their secure cloud account.  With minimal investment, this plant has made the reliability team (one specific gentleman) extremely happy and appreciative that the company had the foresight to greatly reduce an unnecessary risk.

With winter coming quickly, the reliability team is more than happy to have vibration monitoring instead of dreading the next climb up those stairs in the snow.

What has your company done to help remove some of those risks that might be similar to what I just described? We'd love to hear your feedback about other locations where our wireless system might be of help!


Matt Cowen is a National Account Manager for KCF Technologies and works with several industries including the pulp and paper industry. Find more information on our pulp and paper applications here or contact Matt at mcowen@kcftech.com.

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