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Mike on Maintenance: Pump Grouting Tips

When installing base-mounted pumps, pay special attention to manufacturers’ installation instructions. A little more time now will save you a big $$$ in the future.
As much as 65% of pump life cycle costs are determined during design, procurement, and installation.

I don’t want to bore you with statistical costs, but here are a few pointers you can bank on:
        It is always best to pipe to your installed pump.
         The foundation must be able to absorb any type of vibration and form a permanent, rigid support for the unit.
        Before grouting always perform rough shaft alignment. This way if you are bolt bound on the motor you now can move the pump [static] with little effort [not piped in] as part of your alignment solution.
        Raise pump base from pad it is setting on ½” minimum so grout has a chance to run under and make full contact with base rail. Grouting helps to isolate vibration that comes from the pump and maintains proper pump alignment.
        Always use non-shrinkable grout and use a grout bag [cutoff paint strainer] to reach those nooks and crannies when pouring grout. You don't want any air pockets.
        Some pump manufacturers take into consideration grout weight when designing inertia spring load.
        Check to make sure driver/driven key way shafts are at 180 degrees [12:00 and 6:00 o’clock] as opposed to being close or keys being aligned. In some cases, this can cause or add to excessive vibration levels.
        Use a Grout Float, it helps force the grout into those nooks and crannies and fills any potential voids. If the voids are not filled with grout they can create air pockets that crack over time and leave holes in the grout surface.
        After grout has cured it is time to tighten anchor bolts. Use a torque wrench so as to apply the same pressure to all pump rail anchor points.
        Sound the grout to check for any voids [air pockets].

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