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What's new with SmartDiagnostics® 2.0?

With the ever-growing demand for productivity across all industries in a challenging economy, avoiding outages and maximizing uptime has never been more vital. We are always looking to improve our products, and after countless hours of work, we've developed the second generation of our SmartDiagnostics® predictive maintenance system to help cut costs and reduce downtime in a variety of industries.

If you've taken a closer look at our website over the past week, you may have noticed some differences in the SmartDiagnostics® product family, including new sensors, receivers, servers, software, and the introduction of the SmartDiagnostics Sentry Service. While our website can give you all the specs on the products and describe how they work together, we want to take this opportunity to explain in more detail on our blog just what the differences are in the products and how they can be useful in the field.

We're hoping to have some video demonstrations and how-tos in the coming months to help get customers started with our new products, and we're excited to share with you all of the big improvements we've made.

With the introduction of these new products, we're working even harder to "give your machines a voice" and your machines can speak more clearly than ever with SmartDiagnostics® 2.0.

Next week, we'll take a look at the Vibration Sensor Node 2.0 and see how it compares to its predecessor.

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