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What makes the new SmartDiagnostics Vibration Sensor Node 10x better than the original?

Among the many new features of the SmartDiagnostics 2.0 system, the product with the most drastic changes is the Vibration Sensor Node. The core of SmartDiagnostics, the VSN is a vibration and temperature sensor capable of collecting data every 4 seconds!

But what really makes the VSN 2.0 10x better?
  • Twice the range: 800 ft line-of-sight and on average 150-500 ft in a heavy industrial environment
  • Twice the frequency range: up to 8192 Hz sampling frequency to allow for a greater variety of applications
  • Two and a half times more robust: Class I, Division II hazardous certification, an IP65 rating making the new sensor dust-tight and impervious to water jets, and a strong impact resistance (Just for fun, we dropped one off the roof of our building, about 2 stories up, and it still was collecting data after hitting the concrete!)
With these features, the VSN 2.0 packs a big punch into a sensor about the size of a golf ball. In addition to these improvements, the sensors also feature a new patent pending antenna design, a completely redesigned mechanical enclosure, and a new accelerometer, giving the sensor a higher range and including electrical filtering to ensure no aliasing. 

Like the VSN 1.0, the new sensors are extremely low-power, so they can use an inexpensive, off-the-shelf battery that rarely needs changed. In fact, the new sensors require even less power, and both models have the option of using thermal or solar energy harvesters.

The hardware isn't the only part of the sensor that's been improved. The new wireless protocol, KCF's DART wireless, enables dynamic network error recovery and 5 channel frequency agility, meaning that even with RF interference, the vast majority of the data (>99%) will be available and accurate in all but the worst environments. The new protocol also allows more sensors to communicate with each receiver, with up to 100 sensors potentially talking to one receiver at any given time.

All these features will allow KCF to help our customers get the most out of their machinery, especially in new applications such as Oil & Gas, Food Manufacturing, and many others.

Now we can give more machines a voice and help to maintain the health of our current customers' machinery more extensively than ever before. 

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