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A Checklist to Consider: Calculating the Benefits of a Predictive Maintenance Program

Founded in 1989 in League City, Texas, STI Vibration Monitoring, Inc. "is the leader in providing vibration monitoring systems and hardware for industrial machinery predictive maintenance and condition monitoring custom products."

As a promotion for predictive maintenance in general--and its services in particular--STI has posted a "Field Application Note" on predictive maintenance.  This concludes with a detailed, helpful, and thought-provoking "PM Program Justification:" an itemized sheet to let you use the current costs of your business to calculate the potential benefits of condition-based maintenance.  If you've wondered about the amazing potential of PdM for your enterprise, be sure to look it over.

Part of STI's article is this bullet-point list of what a quality predictive maintenance program can do for a business that relies on rotating machinery.  It's quite a list, too:
  • Reduce Capital Investment
  • Reduce Machinery Breakdowns
  • Reduce Machinery Depreciaition
  • Increase Machinery Life
  • Increase Maintenance Staff Productivity
  • Reduce Dissatisfied/Lost Customers
  • Reduce Penalties
  • Reduce Unnecessary Machinery Repairs
  • Reduce Rework
  • Reduce Scrap
  • Reduce Warranty Claims
  • Increase Credibility and Reliability
  • Reduce Overtime
  • Increase Safety and Reduce Penalties
  • Reduce Injuries
  • Reduce Power Consumption
  • Reduce Spare Parts Inventory
  • Reduce Defects on New Machinery
  • Reduce "Wrong" Repairs
  • Reduce Insurance Costs
 If there's nothing on that list to interest you, you really must have quite the maintenance department.  Or, perhaps it's the fine workmanship of your perpetual-motion machines.

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