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Matt's Musings: Wireless Vibration Monitoring at a Metal Rolling Plant

We're as far north as you can go in upstate New York--that's Canada over there across the river.  But what looks like any old, large factory here actually is much more.  They broke ground on this spot to build it in the late 1880s, and in 1902 it became the first plant built to smelt aluminum in the world.  When the Wright Brothers were looking for for a lighter engine to power the world's first flying machine, this plant supplied the aluminum for the engine that did the job.

Five or six generations of Americans have worked here, making what the nation needed, turning raw material to molten metal, then bending it to do their bidding.  One way they do that is with what are called rolling caster stands.  Endless glowing bars of aluminum go in, and are rolled to smaller, more versatile shapes sizes and shapes.  Each castor stand is enclosed by a big roof, but our SmartDiagnostics® wireless sensors work very well inside.  They're very cozy there in the dark, at about 150 degrees.  And, even in that hostile, demanding place, the little sensors send a a steady stream of information on machine performance.  You'll find them all along the production chain, vigilant sentries keeping an eye on things, letting the production team know through it's monitors just what's going on.

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