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SmartDiagnostics® Feature Highlight: New Cloud Capabilities

With the release of version 1.2 in November 2012, KCF Technologies has added capabilities to the SmartDiagnostics® suite.

The objective of SmartDiagnostics® in the Cloud is to make this inexpensive yet powerful monitoring system even easier to install and operate.  To do so, SmartDiagnostics in the Cloud uses a pre-configured collection server to deliver data to the customer from a a centrally located system in the Cloud, thus allowing the customer to implement the system with minimal training and expertise.

SmartDiagnostics® in the Cloud is a customizable platform for monitoring the health and usage of a variety of assets.  The system collects, processes, displays, and reports dynamic sensor information from a variety of wireless sensors to provide near real-time diagnostics.  The system enables management by exception through the use of configurable monitoring bands that interpret sensor readings to determine whether there is an alarm condition that needs to be acted upon.

"Predictive maintenance offers huge cost savings and productivity improvements by enabling actionable data from rotating machinery," according to KCF President Dr. Jeremy Frank.  "However, the sensors must be low-cost and easy to deploy to deliver on the value proposition.  Eliminating the wire cuts out a major deployment cost, and the next step is to make the flow of data automatic and simple."

"The Cloud offers this capability, because data can now flow from the sensor to the collection server, to the Cloud, and down to the user software with minimal local setup of data infrastructure.  The benefit to the user is the easiest possible installation to achieve low-cost predictive maintenance."

Also new to SmartDiagnostics® in version 1.2 is the ability for users to setup e-mail or text alerts to warn them of potential failures when they are away from the computer.

Of the new e-mail alert feature in SmartDiagnostics®, Dr. Frank added, "Modern day plant managers are responsible for successful operations of the plant, and the reality is that predictive maintenance practices are rarely the primary focus.  Often, that means it is difficult to pay attention to the health of rotating machinery, which creates a challenge for taking full advantage of predictive maintenance."

"E-mail alerts help address this challenge by automatically bringing warning or alarm condition to the attention of the right person, increasing the likelihood of catching a developing problem proactively."

You can learn much more about KCF Technologies' SmartDiagnostics® technology here.

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