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SmartDiagnostics® Feature Highlight: Dynamic Alert Icons

Last month, our SmartDiagnostics® Feature Highlight briefly explained how to set a base line after a sensor node is placed on a properly working machine.  Page 35 of the SmartDiagnostics® Vibration Monitoring System User's Guide introduces the important subject of alarms and warnings (Section 5.4).  One of the principal values of the SmartDiagnostics® Vibration Monitoring System (VMS) is that it facilitates exception-based monitoring of machine condition.

If you are implementing a facility-wide condition-based maintenance program, you may have a large number of machines to monitor on a regular basis.  When you configure and apply monitoring bands with warning and alarm thresholds, you can let the system do much of the daily basic monitoring for you.  When the VMS detects that a machine's vibration level is exceeding one of the thresholds, it automatically tells you of the event so that you can take action.

VMS indicates alert conditions in several ways to allow you to quickly and easily navigate to the machine that is having a problem and to see visually when and why the alert condition was raised.  In addition to the system wide-alert log, VMS presents four different alert indications.  The first of these are Dynamic Alert Icons on the Navigation Tree, discussed in Section

Any time a vibration sample exceeds an alarm or warning threshold in one or more monitoring bands, an alert is generated and presented as an alarm icon, or warning icon on the monitoring band, monitoring location, machine and facility levels in the Navigation Tree.

If there are multiple alerts triggered at the same level in the Navigation Tree, the higher level will propagate up the tree to the next level.  For example, if the warning threshold is breached in a band on one machine and the Alarm threshold is breached in a band on another machine, then the alert level for the facility as a whole will be set to the alarm level and will be indicated with the alarm icon.

The nearby Navigation Tree shows an example where one machine--Chiller One--has triggered and alarm and a second machine--Chiller Two--has triggered a warning, so the alert level of the West Campus HVAC Plant as a whole shows as an alarm.

The alert icons are dynamic and only show the alert level of the most recent vibration sample.  As such, if the machine temporarily exceeds a threshold vibration level and then returns to normal operation, the alert icon will show up briefly and then go away.  In this way, the alert icons in the Navigation Tree always give you a snapshot of the current state of your machines.

You can learn much more about KCF Technologies' SmartDiagnostics® technology here.

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