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SmartDiagnostics® Feature Highlight: Adding Notes to Data Points

A simple but powerful feature of SmartDiagnostics® is the ability to add notes to data points.

An application of this feature is that it would allow a plant manager to document any maintenance activity undertaken regarding a piece of equipment, let a maintenance specialist supply vital information about the service undertaken, or let any authorized SmartDiagnostics® useradd a note on some other significant issue.  This can be extremely helpful when more than one person is looking at the data.

For example, if a plant worker greases some bearings, it's very simple to "add a note"to a data point to inform everyone who looks at the data precisely what has been done, which could help explain a different result in observed vibration.

To add a note for a particular point in the data trend chart:
  1. Click on the anomalous data point in the trend chart.
  2. Click the yellow Note button between the upper and lower graph.
  3. A new Edit Note Details pop-up window (seen at top right) will open.
  4. Enter a title for your note into the Title entry field.
  5. Enter any information you need for the note in the Text box.
  6. Click the Save button.
The note title will be displayed in a box that is anchored to the vibration data point that was selected when you clicked the Add Note icon.

To see all the notes that have been made on a monitoring location, click on Notes in the navigation tree and a Notes Log view will be displayed in the Working Pane.  From this view, you can delete or edit existing notes by clicking on the respective icons.

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