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SmartDiagnostics® Feature Highlight: Powering Up

The SmartDiagnostics® vibration sensor node (VSN) is optimized for low-power and high-fidelity vibration and temperature sensing.  The VSN uses KCF Technologies' proprietary wireless protocol to transmit the full dynamic vibration spectrum over the air on a nearly continuous basis.  The VSN's very small size and robust industrial design enable its reliable use on a wide variety of machines and in harsh industrial settings.

VSNs can be powered by a 3.6 volt, AA, lithium battery or by an energy harvester.  The decision to use a battery or an energy harvester is one of personal preference.  The advantages of using battery power include: simplicity, low cost, and relatively long life.  This inexpensive battery has an impressive eight year maximum life span with a 1-hour collection interval and a 4-second ping rate.  Theoretically, a plant manager shouldn't have to think about a battery replacement for more than six years.

On the downside, while the lithium battery will last many years, it must still be monitored and eventually replaced.  Some environments do not allow the use of lithium batteries due to potential hazards.  The advantage of an energy harvester is that, once installed, it will power a sensor virtually forever without maintenance.  On the downside, energy harvesters are more expensive and they relay on sufficient environmental energy to generate power.  Learn more about SmartDiagnostics® energy harvesters here.

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