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Welcome to SmartDiagnostics® & Vibration Monitoring, a KCF Technologies' blog where you can find news relating to KCF's SmartDiagnostics® wireless vibration monitoring system as well as stories, or tips, related to the world of vibration monitoring.  Also, every now and again we may throw in some stories about our adventures (or, misadventures) here at KCF.  After all, what's life when it's all work and no play?

Now, a little bit about KCF.  Our mission is to create value for our customers, employees, and the economy by leveraging our core research and development portfolio and expertise to develop embedded intelligence solutions that make the things we work with smarter.  Our five technical focus areas are:
  • Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensors Systems
  • Underwater Navigation and Devices
  • Prosthetics and Electro-Mechanical Devices
  • Noise and Vibration Control and Optimization
  • Piezoelectric and Smart Material Devices
In other words, we're are bunch of overly smart people, doing really cool things.

Continuing with the introductions, meet SmartDiagnostics®, our wireless vibration monitoring system.  SmartDiagnostics® is a complete family of products, including hardware and software, that companies can use use to implement sophisticated predictive maintenance practices.  While predictive maintenance may be sophisticated, SmartDiagnostics® is not, allowing for a broader range of businesses to implement predictive maintenance practices.

And with that final introduction, that, as they say, is that--at least until our next post.

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